Woman after 30

Married ordinary

She has a husband, one-two-three children, work, kitchen, laundry. Zavedennomu scheduled for Lives: The Rise - breakfast - children - in school - her husband - to work - face to dab - and terms - races. For kultpohodov and shared pastime is not suitable. Viciously-lazily goes to sex for the sake of revenge husband nevyzhatoe on Tuesday underwear. Never reaches orgasm, because in the middle of the act with the kid screaming "I do not chischena potato" and flees, gromyhaya bags with canned.


My husband used only as a money machine for the delivery. At sex is easy and razvyazno. For kultmassovyh activities unsuitable because it is constantly introduces partner with the ex-husbands, wives and their mistress.
Never reaches orgasm, because at the moment remembers that should go to another lover. Flees, as a whirlwind, but forgot to wear underwear.


Unsuitable for anything. Mass events avoided, in order not been asked to help in cleaning. In the movie goes in the hope of sleep. Worn once and for all. Not razdevaetsya ever. Intimate relationships considers exchange of views in line for child nutrition.


In all humility looks. Gordo rassekaet bust of a massive crowd, dragging on a leash husband, obveshannogo children, cats and dogs. At a meeting with lover leads children and husbands, leaving them to play in the living room while she "talk" about the case in a bedroom. For maloprigodna intimate relationships because of the habit govern the government orders. Reaches orgasm when hears cautious knock on the door and quiet voice of her husband "Honey, we are unlikely."


A one-room apartment, a small child, mild tea, and biscuits, a sofa-bed, sittsevaya nochnushka. At the public does not go, nobody to keep the child. Sexual life is rarely entirely acoustic, to not wake the child, sleeping in the same room. Not reaching orgasm, as well as kid-minute fix for the Child blanket, close-open window, remove the kettle-place, have alarm clock in the morning.

Divorced snake

Children are not. Flat-chic-yuvelirka wheelbarrows, otsuzhennye former husband. Pro svolochey man knows everything. All enjoyed. It all requires money, restaurants and entertainment. In kultpohody goes exclusively to the chic presentations and embassy receptions. Evaluates men on the wallet. For maloprigodna intimate relationships because of the thought that would be expensive and a good shake from the lover. Reaches orgasm, only vytryahnuv lover of all.


She believes in the existence of correct and clean romantic love in 43 - fifth time. Is the cap, scarves, silver rings. For maloprigodna exits to the public because of the eternal elation and admiration deal of resemblance to a sleepy shizofrenichku accompanied by a nurse. In the intimate life of sweet, sticky, intrusive. Reaches orgasm at the sight of the beloved and not withdraw from this state until his resignation. Then the state of orgasm immediately transferred to the state of black melancholy until the next visit.

Bachelor Girl sinechulkovaya

Rigorous English costume, inherited Mom, or zasalennoe krepdeshinovoe dress, inherited grandmother. He taught everything from Homer to Borges in the original. The current understanding of life is not enough. It feeds cold liquid eggs steep tea. At kultmeropriyatiyah tells the entire hall, as it did in the Middle Ages, in the Duchy Zhopenbugskom condemns modern mores, emancipation, sexual debauchery. Orgasm receives only in public libraries, parsing Sumerian cuneiform.

Bachelor Girl razbitnaya

Veselushka, poskakushka, Bella, Gorda. Always cheerfully. Because of cultural activities loves discos poshumney during which tells you that the disco or in the comparison is not with drain bal dances in PTC, they are then gave rustle. In zadorna bed, cheerfully. Boltliva without paying any attention to what you are doing, tells how it was done to them in PTC, listing advantages and disadvantages of all 735 inhabitants общаги.

Bachelor Girl ordinary

Outwardly, no. Internally firmly knows that her goal - marriage. Everywhere behaves appropriately circumstances. Evaluates lover in terms of suitability for family life. Keeps evil. Plans kultpohody advance. Average prepares. Male said. Never introduces girlfriends. Razdevaetsya only in the dark. In intimate relationships allows only the missionary. Rarely reach orgasm because of the reflection Phaethon - not Phaethon - for the sake of marriage.