7 simple rules that men must know to be a success for women

Do you ever surprised by the fact that some men enjoy much more popular among women? This is not because they look better, opulent dress or they have more money. Simply they are confident about ourselves. There is no need to be born Join dong, which have a lot of fan around him. It is important to follow the simplest rules of families that we represent your attention, and then the most impregnable beautiful world you pay for your kind attention.

Rules of Dating

1. Before we meet, set the visual contact. Want to quickly understand whether your first step be continued? (It's easier to say if you do not send in the same first / second?). Look favorite girl in the eye - if it is not turned, or even better, you smile in response - feel free to go and inspect. If it escapes your attention glance, it is better to look for another site itself - this lady is clearly not to cronyism. Look around and you will notice what women are looking for "men" and which focus exclusively on its satellites. Learn to read "body language" and you have a lot.

2. Do not try to get acquainted with several women simultaneously. If you are already familiar with took one lady, it is not necessary to attempt to zakadrit and her girlfriends. You can not correctly understand and likely one you go home.

3. Give her feel that she - the best. If you convince her that she had the most beautiful woman in the world, she will certainly want to meet you again and again. But do not overdo, "weaker sex" does not like the candid brutal flattery.

4. Tell her a compliment. Even if you think that someone did this to you. Do not be afraid to approach a woman written at the very beginning and tell her a compliment, I think that before you the same experiment done even a couple of losers. Believe me, the other guys feel like you and as a result,pretty Russian girl continues bored alone. Please be brave and move. Most likely it will be grateful to you for the interesting conversation.

5. Do not use a cliche. Otherwise, it must decide what you like, or all, or not very confident in the people themselves. Just be yourself, sincere women like men.

6. No need to familiarize themselves in bars and nightclubs. In such places a woman accustomed to the attention of menswear, and you have more chances to get a denial. Maybe it just nadoedlivy out a devotee? In addition, nightclubs ladies are usually willing to increased attention of menswear and learned how to protect themselves from unwanted knights. That can work against you. It is better acquainted elsewhere in the store, for instance.

7. As an additional value point: the need to understand when to leave. There is nothing worse than obsessive man. Understanding the "body language" is important not only for the irst moment dating, but also help to understand where best to leave their sobesednitsu alone. Her mind wandering on the sides? She looks tired? You ask her questions and she answers absently or silent? So it is time to bid farewell. It is better to suspend the conversation at the most interesting place, and she wants to be sure to meet with you again.

Follow these simple rules and remember that even the most successful failures sometimes occur. There's no need to avoid them, learn from the mistakes and go forward boldly! You have not been able to get acquainted with the girl liked - not despair! Maybe it just a bad mood today or she has already met the man of their dreams (or maybe it just critical days?). Move forward and you will see - soon your notebook raspuhnet of the number of new phone numbers! The Happy hunting!