Sexual longevity. Myths and Reality.

sexual longevity

At the age of 42-42 years men reach certainly strong social status, and total physical and psychological ripeness, and at the same time both men and women at this age start to concentrate on maintaining what is achieved. This mostly concerns health and especially the sexual longevity. Pretty often, young girls wonder, whether their spouse can maintain sexual activity being ten or fifteen years older. In this article we would like to bust some most widely spread myths that may worry our girls and maybe even some men.

Myth one: men at the age of 40 plus, with high social and business status sacrificed  most of their life (health) to work and are exhausted in sexual realm. Not at all! High social status is not going to reduce the sexual longevity in any way – good social status will result in both sexual and social self-confidence. This will also guarantee a better health condition and stamina.

Myth two: mature men must change partners more often to maintain sexual longevity. Men get accustomed to certain lifestyle and as the result obtain certain relationship models that they want to stick to. Changing the relationship partner would be a real stress in this case. In addition to that, there is always a subconscious fear of failure with new woman because just a few women out of hundred can get real satisfaction during the first intercourse. All of these factors accumulate and lead to stability in the relationship.

Myth three: sexual longevity can be judged by the size of the penis. This really depends  on the hormones rather than anything else. So size does not really matter in this case, what matters is keeping healthy lifestyle and nutrition, keeping away from alcohol and drugs.

Myth four: one can increase its sexual longevity, by taking hormonal medication. This partly true, but you must do this really carefully, and only by the doctor’s prescription and you may get some serious health problems rather than increase any sexual potential.

Myth five: sexual longevity and impotence depend on the male climacterium. These events are not really related and about 50 percent of male population continues living sexual life after the climacterium until they are in their seventies. You must also take into consideration that impotence can be caused not only by the physical factors, but it may also be happening only due to some psychological problems that men may go through at any age.

Myth six: cases of impotence may be considered as the end of the sexual life and complete end of sexual longevity. Whether it is caused by heath (physical) problems or by psychological issues, the impotence can be quite easily treated by professional doctors (psychologists and/or physicians). So some small problems that happened in a row do not really mean the end of sexual longevity, you may be surprised with how things may turn out in just a month or even a week.
So, keeping a healthy lifestyle and the way of thinking, my dear men, you may rest self-assured and, ladies… be sure to show some confidence in your partners potential along with expressing true feelings to each other. You will be surprised with the sexual longevity of yours without any additional treatments or care.