10 Phrases about woman that you should never say…

There are some things that you should never say to a woman that you like and that’s what this article is about. So, without further delay I present you the top 10 phrases about woman that are not to be said. Ever.

1. “My ex used to…” followed by whatever you want to say about her. This is one of the top ten phrases about woman that you should not really use on a date.  Never compare your mate with someone from the past, whatever the results of the comparison would be.  It does not matter whether you find women online or communicate to them in real life, it would not make them happy to know that you think of someone else at the moment.

2. “My mother does this much better.” Whatever that is, cooking, ironing, serving the dinner or fishing… This would not make your woman happy! Not only that, this may start some debates on how her mother does this. Really not worth this.

3. “I used to cheat on…” No matter how long ago this happened and who was the girl that you cheated on or with.  Obviously it is not good thing to tell the girl that you have cheated on, this is so obvious I will not even go over this. But don’t you think that you can speak of some sins like that from your past. No woman would want to hear that. Keeping these things to yourself will save you some nerves and help you avoid some jealousy in future, when you will just go fishing with your friends or something.

4. Never flirt with others in front of the girl that you are serious about. Well, for most people these things actually exclude one another. Once you are serious about her – you don’t flirt with others. But if you are not that smart to understand this yourself – believe me. Do not flirt with others while being on the date.

5. “And what really makes ’65 Camaro a great car is the suspension that…” Don’t talk to the ladies on the automotive subjects. Boys play with cars, girls play with dolls. It has been this way ever since, and if you do not want to speak about the dolls, no need to start your car stuff.

6. “Voices in my head are telling me that…”

7. “Let’s see how much we spent here (today, at this restaurant, ect)…”. Count it silently, just to yourself. Nobody would appreciate if you would do that. Dating Russian girls does not really require spending millions… So don’t count your pennies out loud.

8. Don’t curse. No one looks good or cool doing this.

9. “I am afraid…” Do not show any sign of fear. Every single woman on this planet wants to have a courageous man by her side. It is ok not to be rich, it is ok not to be strong or healthy, but it is never ok to show fear as you are the one to take care of risky things.

10. “I do not like your girlfriend(s).” You can easily upset any woman saying this. Even if your opinion is based on some good facts, even if one of her girlfriends is not treating her right (as you think)… You will wind up being the wrong guy, believe me. Friends be friends, and eventually even the worst things are forgiven to them. But no one will want to stick around with people who do not like his or her friends. So it’s better to keep your opinion to yourself, especially with girls from Russia.